Ron Stolp

Ron Stolp was born in British Columbia and is a retired Vancouver Firefighter after over 28 years of service. His love for horses goes back to his childhood. He started riding seriously just over 16 years ago. He enjoys starting young horses and trail riding. An active member of the Backcountry Horsemen B.C.for the past 10 years. Ron also enjoys competing in the Jumper ring with his paint gelding Winddancers Cimaron. He started he started jumping his horse in 2009 just for the fun of it. In 2010 he competed a half a dozen "A" Hunter Jumper shows and won many Championships in the 2'9". At the end of the year he moved into the 3' jumper ring and will look at moving up to the 3'3" and 3'6" jumper ring in 2011. Ron finished 2010 in the #1 spot for the APHA PAC program in the "Over Fences" division for the Nation and was Champion for 2010 for BC Hunter Jumper Association in the 2'9" division and 4th for the 3' ft division.

In November 2010 Issue of Paint Horse Journal there is a couple articles about Ron , his wife and there fabulous paint horses click picture below to see writeup


Ron also enjoys traveling and camping with his horses. Ron started designing saddles for himself first. He had a mare that he could not fit a saddle too. He started by custom making one for his mare. Ron has always been a craftsmen. He has built designer cedar strapped canoes as well as many other works of art with his hands. When he started building saddles he used the same craftsmanship as any of his other works of art. Every saddle Ron has built has been a work of art. Every saddle has its own special look and design. They are one of a Kind pieces of art. The Artwork Ron puts into every saddle has made him different from other saddle makers. He builds his saddles to both suit the horse and the rider. Ron's saddles are designed for comfort. If you plan on spending hours in a saddle you need a saddle that is very comfortable as well as well made. All Ron's saddles are l hand built, hand tooled and only the best leather and hardware is used. They are built to last for a life time. Have Ron design a one of a kind saddle for you. Ron can tool almost anything into leather.

At this time Ron's saddlemaking is only a hobby and will not be building saddles full time. He has enough time to do a few saddles a year. So book early to avoid being disappointed.